Family Life

I became a mom at 24 yrs old. I had been married 1.5 years to the ‘love of my life’ and the pregnancy had been wonderful. We planned a home birth with a highly skilled and experienced Midwife. I went into labor at 4am on a Sunday Morning. My husband had just returned from work at about 2am. I labored for a bit before calling our midwife. I had my husband, my mother, my older sister and older brother there as support as well. Once the midwife arrived, she informed me that my baby was ready to come. At 8:30am, the same morning, I delivered my beautiful son. He cried, we cried and it was beautiful. Looking at his face and seeing his wide cleft, we knew we had to act. Within about 2 hours we were packed into the car and on the way to the hospital to have our son evaluated by a Neonatologist. We were so scared…..

We were treated well initially at the hospital, but since we didn’t deliver in the hospital we couldn’t go into the mother-baby unit. Our son was under 30 days, so he couldn’t go into the pediatric unit….so he was given a space in the NICU so they could evaluate him over the next few days. I was given a hotel-like room to stay in right next door. We were able to snuggle with him and stare at his face. What a beautiful face he had…. a perfectly round head, beautiful brown eyes,  and his mouth was wide open. He barely cried…he was very calm and happy.

Our first real test of parenthood occurred when the staff changed to the night shift and we were told he needed to sleep in his bed in the NICU. We started taking shifts ourselves being with him, touching him and talking to him, but the nurse was of a different opinion and asked us to leave the room as to not disturb him too much. We obeyed reluctantly..and took this time to get some sleep ourselves. When the staff change happened in the morning my husband was there. The new nurse asked him if he had held our son much. He told her ‘no’ and that the previous nurse had asked us to leave. The new nurse quickly commanded that my husband take his shirt off…she undressed our son and put them chest to chest with a warm blanket. This is how I discovered my husband and son…24 hours after giving birth…connected, content and filled with love. This is how it should be…

..I will post more about our experience soon.



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