About Me

One never knows where to start with this topic..or do they?

So many things are running through my head….. I love to cook, to be in the garden, to be creative, to be a mom and to share my world with my loving husband.

This journey of blogging is my opportunity to share what I have learned as a wife, mom, cook, gardener, farmer, etc. I am also looking forward to learning through trying new things…and sharing this process with you.

❤️ I have been married to my soulmate since 1999. We are 2 very eclectic people who never sit still.

💜 I am proud to be a stay-at-home mom of 2 precious kids. I have homeschooled them for 14 years. My 14 yr old son began an Early College Program in fall 2014, so now it is just me and my mini-me…learning, exploring and enjoying each day!

💛 I am proud to say that we share our home with my mom. When I decided to get married I asked her to join us….we agreed that if she was around to help me with my children, then I would help her through her later years.

Our family lives on a 15 acre piece of heaven in Western North Carolina. We have angora goats, alpaca, sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs, cats and we foster small animals from a local animal shelter. We have several vegetable garden spaces that we have created.

👜  I make upcycled wearables and bags from items I find at thrift stores. I also make beaded & feather jewelry from natural feathers I find at my farm.

🐾 I make all natural dog & cat treats. Together with my mom we sell at 2 local farmers markets and supply handmade dog & cat treats a local Pet Boutique.


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