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I love to be in the garden, but it always seems to overwhelm me. This year I am going to have my 7 yr old daughter by my side to get it in order.

What we are planning…Potato Towers, tomatoes, gourds, kale, peas, corn, strawberries, blackberries, black raspberries, squash…for starters.

March 21, 2015
Potato towers…
I decided to try a variety of potatoes this year and to save space I am trying the ‘potato tower’ vertical growing method.
First: I took some scrap 4′ tall wire fencing (there are always random pieces sitting around on the farm), but you can pick up some simple wire fencing. I made a 2′ diameter circle and secured it to a t•post to make it steady.


Second: I filled to bottom with about 4-6″ of straw, then pressed the straw around the edges to make a “nest”. I filled the center with old composted manure.


Third: we cut the seed potatoes in half and spread them evenly around the circle.


Fourth: cover the potatoes with a few more inches of compost/soil and then cover again with more straw. Then water it well.


Today we planted 2 towers
Fingerling and Russian Butter ball

…As the potatoes grow up through the soil I will cover them again with soil and then more straw until they have grown near the top. I will open the side of the tower…and …and? Well, I will keep you updated on the growth.


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