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The Intoxicating Smell of Spring Rain

The beautiful sounds and amazing smells of a Spring Rain are an aphrodisiac of life.

The soft green hue is emerging on the trees and shrubs and the garden starts to awaken.

When you truly allow yourself the feel the whole experience you will become invigorated and energized.
Go ahead…step outside…what do you feel?


As the Garden Grows….

So, our potato towers have begun to sprout. My daughter keeps singing about mashed potatoes with salt.😀 ….our 3 yr old patch of asparagus is popping up……our rhubarb is thriving… apple gourds have been started….organic heirloom seed zucchini has been started….and the kale goes in when i can find the time.

Oh the recipes that are swirling in my head!! Do you have any suggestions??

Life is Never Dull on the Farm

Well, it has been about a week since my last update and life has thrown some big curve balls!!

Our expected batch of Bantams were a BIG loss. The eggs seemed to stop part way through development. We think we may have lost power for a short while overnight which dropped the temp in the incubator. We are very sad…but we hope to try again to get some Bantams.

Ducks: whew…where to begin!! Our Mama Buff has been strong and faithful. Last Friday i felt a strong need to go check on her and the nest. I knew that the possible hatch was about to begin. We had 10 eggs with squggly ducklings waiting to hatch. So, i took my 14 yr old son with me to check on the nest. I walked into the barn to see Mama Buff huddled with Papa Buff….NOT ON THE NEST!!!! I looked over at the nest and saw nothing but BLACK!! A 6 ft. Black rat snake had pushed Mama Buff away and had eyes on a meal. Thankfully our Great Pyrenees Lucy does not like snakes. Lucy kept the snake agitated so it never relaxed enough to begin to eat. We removed the snake….and it will never return😉 The eggs were cool…and i was prepared for another loss. We took half of the eggs and brought them into the incubator. Mama Buff settled back onto her nest quickly…so we felt bad taking all of her eggs away. When we picked the eggs up…she cooed and tried to nuzzle them back into her nest. After the eggs warmed back up..we saw movement!!!!!!

We are now on day 28… And impatiently awaiting the hatching of 8 strong ducklings…5 in the incubator and 3 with Mama Buff………………update to come soon!